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It’s a JDM Oasis!

By Amy Muser

It’s finally here.. Yes, the wait is over.. I have found a place where people can feel at home; all types of people and their cars can go without fear of discrimination based on wing size, vehical height, wheels, or make and model. Its an oasis to relax and cool down from the Arizona heat.  What and where is this magical paradise? I am introducing to you, fellow car enthusiasts, to a place that will surely serve the community for all its car and vaping needs… Welcome to the new JDM Fresh/Oasis Vape store.

Located on the southwest corner of McDowell and Scottsdale road, the shop is a whopping twenty-two hundred square feet, broken down into a shop and lounge with their doors open for business and ready to serve the community. The merchandise to be sold is a mix of items supporting the lifestyle of cars and vape. The car world and [...]

May 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Joe Lambrana


Watch out folks, the 80’s are making a comeback! Stores have become filled with florescent neon’s, obnoxious floral patterns, and leg warmers have officially made a comeback. With this 80’s craze underway, Car Street Journal could not find a better car for our May Ride of the Month then the 8-bit Miata and its proud owner Bryan Young.

Car Street Journal (9)

The ’91 Mazda Miata began its journey into the 8-bit would as being the faithful daily for Mr. Young. “I was buying parts and saving for another drift car build I was working on. As the build dragged on by either money or procrastination, I was driving the Miata every day. I grew too really like the car and [...]

The “Mild Mod Regret”


 Rebecca_PRINT2By Rebecca Nguyen


The number one trend that I’ve noticed in the community of automotive modifiers here in Phoenix is what I like to call the “mild mod regret.”


I am absolutely not a professional, a specialist, a grease monkey, or a self-proclaimed automotive tech. I’m just an enthusiast. Whenever in the midst of fellow enthusiasts, I am usually the quiet one when the conversation steers into the direction of modifications. I’ve only done some basic upgrades on my 03 Subaru WRX and have a lot to learn. While spending time at various shows and meets I’ve noticed that whenever [...]

Formula Drift Long Beach 2014

Photos and Words By Paco Ibarra

Long Beach marks the beginning of another season for Formula Drift, with over 10 years under their belt and more drivers running higher horsepower vehicles, this season promises to be faster and more exciting than ever before.

One of the biggest changes that was made for this 2014 season is the qualifying format which now requires every driver to run twice as opposed to last year where the top 16 qualifying drivers would only be required to run once. Additionally, the judging criteria was adjusted to allow for less ‘zeroes’ in the event of ‘corrections and straightening’ which now only cause point deductions. One of the most criticized changes this season was the removal of the consolation battle for 3rd place which is now decided by points.

This year also surprised fans because of [...]

Driver to Watch: Greg Schmidt

By Nicole James

Photos from Greg Schmidt


“When I am strapped into the car sitting in the staging lanes I always get butterflies,” Greg Schmidt, age 26, said. “The thoughts going through my head are checklists for the car. Fire suppression system – check, parachute pin pulled – check etc… But then my A.D.D. kicks in and I’ll see a pitbike and think about who is on our four-wheeler and where it’s at. About that time I’m ready to fire off the engine where the solid mounts vibrate 700+ horsepower through the chassis to the aluminum seat where I’m strapped in and the butterflies hit again.”

Schmidt runs a 452 cubic inch big block chevy on VP Race Fuel M5 Methanol also equipped with a 200 shot of spray on a singe kit by Nitrous Outlet. [...]

Mini is not so mini anymore…

By Nicole James

Across the pond the Brits are showing some contempt with the fact that the Mini is continuing to grow. When the ‘new’ Mini came out at the turn of the century, many Mini enthusiasts thought it was “too German, too big, and not Mini enough.”


When you compare the recently launched third generation Mini to the to the first-gen reborn model back in 2000, you can notice a huge difference on how much bigger the newer model is. It’s not really all that mini anymore.

Naturally, the 2000 model is also much larger than the iconic original mini, but enthusiast can reluctantly tell the designers and engineers did their best to keep its dimensions compact. It’s still smaller than the cars it competes with. It’s quick, handles well, and is like the original [...]

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