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Bad News for Camaro Owners

By Nicole James

user65911_pic88531_1345183321.pngFriday the 13th, GM announced that every Chevrolet Camaro made since 2010 is being recalled for…. An ignition-switch issue. This brings the total number of GM recalls for 2014 up to 38.

Technically, the recall of all the fifth generation Camaro’s isn’t for an issue with the ignition switch itself. What GM is recalling is the Camaro’s key fob. They key fob locks the car, sets the alarm, and so on but an added feature for the Camaro is that the key itself is also integrated into the fob and with the touch of a button, the metal key retracts into the fob or snaps out.

GM stated that the reason more than 500,000 cars are being recalled is because “a drivers knee can bump the key fob and [...]

By Nicole James

The force is strong with our double feature ‘Ride of the Month.’ The focus is on Daniel Adams 2009 Challenger SRT-8, also known as Lord Vader; and Manny Azurmendi’s 2013 Storm trooper Camaro. In this Starwars special edition of Ride of the Month, CSJ got to sit down with both Jedi Masters and talk about these awesome starships.

“Ever since they came out in 2008 I knew I had to have one, the looks, sound, performance, and over all manliness of the car. My goal of the build was good looks and performance and over time is has grown into Darth Vader and performance,” Adams said. With 427whp and 400tq, Adams has the power of the dark side. When it comes to the interior of the car, Vader’s modifications include: a [...]

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