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Grand Theft Auto Stardom

By Nicole James

As my dad was teaching me how to drive manual on a 77  VW Rabbit, he kept telling me how import it was to learn. He kept using the example that one day I may go somewhere and see an amazing Ferrari or Lamborghini and the owner of the car offers to let me drive it. “How much would it suck if you could not drive the car just because it is manual?” He would always say. While I haven’t been fortunate enough to be handed the keys to someones Ferrari just yet… I recently found another reason as to why it is important to learn as well as why a manual car is anti-theft in and of its self.

Annas Abdel-Khaliq nearly stole a 2012 C6 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport while it was sitting at a service shop in Florida, February 4th.  

Good Time to Import a Skyline

By Javier Contreras

It’s 2014, and with a new year in front of us we all have new goals and wants that we have set before us to accomplish. But, to accomplish this year’s future goals lets think back 25 years ago.


The 80’s were a time of milestones. The first Columbia space shuttle, the Chernobyl disaster, end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall,  leg warmers were socially acceptable to where in public, hair was bigger than ever, and neon colored clothes just as loud as the 80’s Rock music. The only membership that mattered was the Members Only jackets that came in a rainbow of colors.

Through all of the mile stones and historical moments aforementioned, there would be only one thing that [...]

Import Face OFF- IFO

By Amy Muser and Nicole James

Photos by Hanz Marquez


To kick off the year, Import Face Off came to Phoenix!  It was held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly Firebird Raceway. Burnt rubber could be smelled all through out the air as the drifting contest was in full swing. Bryan Young took home 1st place in his googlie-eyed Miata. The event had an exceptional turn out with some old faces and new faces in the car scene along with an uprising of many more female enthusiasts either out on the track or presenting in show. Many different car clubs were present.

Show Results are as follows:


2nd Place [...]

February 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez


This February it is Car Street Journal’s pleasure to introduce Kyrsten Stoliker, and her beautiful Satin White Pearl 2013 Subaru BRZ, as our very first female Ride of the Month!

Women in the automotive world are slowly but surely becoming a more common sight. Many of these women have a passion for cars stemming from early childhood. What ignited this enthusiast’s passion for cars was when she was a young girl her Grandfather would tell her to come help him in the garage and bring him tools while he was under a vehicle doing some work. “Anytime my grandfather was around a vehicle I was always their right next to him getting my hands dirty. I received my first vehicle in high school which was a [...]

Bird poop grinds my gears

By Nicole James


Every day when I park at work I park in a different place; sometimes in the front of the lot, sometimes the back, maybe to the far left or right, and in the middle of it all, occasionally.

When I go to my car to leave each day I see massive amounts of bird poop all over my car.  It looks like some bird had some crazy diarrhea explosion all over the hood, roof, and trunk of my car. I can’t tell if this is the work of one bird, or many. Each day I kick my tire with stilettos, throw my briefcase in the car, and grumble about the damn birds as I shake my fists at the sky. I’m sure I look like a crazy person.

It truly [...]

A World Wonder in our own Backyard

By Nicole James


January 12th kicked off the 43rd Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale. Each year Barrett-Jackson welcomes various bidders, consignors, VIPs and celebrities to the world’s greatest collector car auctions. This year the auction is being seen on FOX (Broadcast, Business Network, Sports 1& 2) and the National Geographic Channel.

“This opening gala sets the tone for the week and last night was tremendous. This year’s auction attendees lived it up last night and now we shift to the real excitement, the cars and the auction,” said Craig Jackson, Chairman and CEO of Barrett-Jackson told the press. “Our all-new facility at Westworld is the realization of a dream and a conversation that traces back twenty-five years. Barrett-Jackson looks forward to a long future in our new Scottsdale home.”

Barrett-Jackson was established in 1971 [...]

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