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2018 Dodge Demon SRT

What’s red, powerful, loud, and has more hype than a Nintendo console? Yes, it’s the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Spoiler alert, this isn’t a teaser! If you happen to live in a tree, or on a moon of Jupiter, you may not know what a #omgchallengerhellcatdemonwtfbbq is, so what exactly is it?

Sorry Viper fans… You’re too slow for the Hellcat

By Nicole James

With the release of the 707 horsepower Hellcat, it’s no wonder Viper fans are a little pissed. Think about this for a second: 707 horsepower Vs 640 hp. That’s the comparison being made right now between the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and the Dodge SRT Viper.

You got it right; a supercharged V8 is now more powerful than a naturally aspirated V10. It seems only natural that the Hellcat V8 would be put into the engine bay of Chrysler’s flagship supercar. Unfortunately, it’s not technically possible. Why? The first and most apparent reason is that the dimensions of a Hemi simply won’t fit under the Viper’s hood.

If the automaker was to modify the Viper’s hood line so the 707 horsepower V8 could fit, it would severely alter the Viper’s aerodynamics.

Need another reason? The Hemi is too wide and it won’t [...]

Letting the Cat out of the Bag

By Matthew Harris

dodge_challenger_srt_hellcat_06_h-0704In 2008 the Challenger made a return to the Dodge lineup. But, in 2015 Dodge is letting the cat out of the bag with the all-new Challenger SRT Hellcat, or perhaps they did what the name implies and unleashed this beast from hell. With 707 horsepower, and 650 lb. –ft. of torque coming from the 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V-8, and running on its stock Pirelli P275/40ZR20 P Zero tires the Hellcat is able to cover the quarter-mile in just 11.2 seconds at 125 MPH. This being certified by the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) makes the all-new Challenger SRT Hellcat the fastest and most powerful muscle car to come off an assembly line to date.

Since the Hellcat is the first supercharged Hemi to come straight from [...]


By Matthew Harris


You probably whiz by this car brand every day, get stuck behind, next to, or in front of one, or even park next to one, quite simply the brand is everywhere. You have also most likely heard their catchy slogans over the years. “I love what you do for me”, “Drive your Dreams”, You asked for it, you got it”, “The best built cars in the world”.

We are talking about of course, Toyota.  They are currently ranked as the number one car brand according to “2014 Brandz top 100 ranking”, and ranked 26 on overall most valuable global brands. Beating out the second place car brand BMW which ranks 32 on the overall.  Toyota seems to reflect that in their net worth of $236 billion [...]

Top 5 Trucks for 2014

By Karla Maurene Real


There is always that one person everyone references when other people need something big moved or towed… Why? Because they have a truck. Maybe you are that person but want an upgrade? Maybe you want to be that person everyone turns to when they need a truck for a few hours? Not everyone with a truck is always available or reliable, so maybe you just want one so you don’t need to ask or borrow anymore. Trucks are not going anywhere for a while. They are so useful for even the smallest tasks. The question is which one is the best one this year. I went ahead and did a little digging around and figured out which ones were the top 5.


Nightmare in the morning

By: Amy Muser


Everyone has had this happen to them. You minding your own business just trying to get to work and bam! Suddenly becoming part of the worst possible situation. This nightmare starts with altercations to the speed. First to 25 MPH then to 15 MPH all of a sudden everything comes to a complete stop. All because someone in the front wanted to stop and smell the freshly paved blacktop. So you sit there, and five minutes rolls by no big deal right. Well then fifteen minutes roll, by then twenty, and by now you have started to slowly roll forward. Making some ground thinking it will be alright I’ll get there with time to spare still. Just trying to make the best of the situation [...]

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