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Las Vegas Motor Speedway – April 15, 2017 – Southwest Drift ProAm Series Round 1 hosted by Vegas Drift was a huge success for Arizona drivers Nick Gross and Austin Kregle. However, Los Angeles driver of the 2008 Mitsubishi RWD Evolution: Raz Naor earned 1st overall with Gross in 2nd and Kregle in 3rd.

On Thursday Matt Haugen from Street Standard stopped by the Car Street Journal conference room at Sema.  Matt has been attending Sema for 8 years, and for 7 of those years he has had one of his cars in the Sema show.  Matt got into working on cars with his dad when he was young.  Helping work on Hot Rods and such at home.  Matt’s first Sema he brought his Toyota Tundra.  Years later Matt was thinking about starting his own business and build some bad-ass cars. With the help from Cory Hosford, they came up with Street Standard.  Street Standard is a car performance go to shop.  They can get anything from body kits from Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny down to Wilwood Brakes.  Matt has 2 personal cars here at Sema this year. Which are a 1 of 1 Liberty Walk Lamborghini and a Rocket Bunny Nissan 350z.

Summer Drift

By Christian Alvares

Hi my name is Christian and I am addicted to drifting. Before this summer I only attended two and participated in one drift event my entire life. But after hearing about the Go Fast entertainment’s summer drift events. I told myself I would not miss these! On June 13th of this year, my life changed forever. In this event did I not only participate but I made more new friends in a span of six hours then I had in High School. Something inside me changed, and it was for the good. A novice and shy self just got devoured by a raging beast that hungers for tire screeching, redline motor revving food. With little to no experience drifting, I went for it. Sliding and burning rubber in my BRZ was the most fun I have ever had in a car. At this point though, I really wouldn’t call it [...]

Back to the Drift

Written by Javier Contreras

Car Street Journal

 Drifting… Everyone loves watching it.  The drivers love doing it.  Drifting is a growing and thriving sport for our surrounding neighbors in SoCal, Las Vegas, El Paso… Even Tucson! So, why has the Phoenix drift scene died?

Car Street Journal, and I, want to change that by resurrecting the Phoenix drift scene.  We want to bring back the MONTHLY events Phoenicians once enjoyed at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly known as Firebird International Raceway. As publisher, owner of Car Street Journal, and fellow car community member it has been my personal goal since 2013 to get the monthly drift event started once again.  I’m not describing an event that shares the day with another race group.  I’m talking about [...]

KSportUSA and Bondurant School Car Show, Go Kart Racing, and Drift Exhibition

By Nicole James

Photos by

Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, and RJ Lane

Many car enthusiasts have been to what is now called The Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly known as Firebird International Raceway, but how many of us have been over to The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving within the complex? Sure, we have all seen the Bondurant cars, but today the school was open to the public.

With about two and a half weeks’ notice and information only spread on Facebook and by word of mouth among the car community, this KSport and Bondurant event had a great turn out on a hot and humid Saturday afternoon.  Admission was free, and car enthusiasts were able to park their cars on the Bondurant Schools Main Skid Pad. For $20 per race, people [...]

Formula Drift Seattle Round 5

By Lark Hensman

Photos by Paco Ibarra

July 19th and 20th found our tofu van drifter in Monroe, WA at the Evergreen Speedway for Formula Drift Seattle Round 5. Paco Ibarra who regularly hits the track in his Toyota Privea Drift Van headed up to the northwest to check out Round 5 of Formula D and enjoy a weekend chock full of drifting shenanigans. As our drifter turned photographer found out, you never know what can happen until these built to the max cars hit the ground and burn rubber. The top 32 cars hit the track on Friday and battled through Saturday night, fighting not only against each other but their cars as well; a wing here, a bumper there, blown tires, and dented fenders from kissing walls and love taps amongst themselves. It was a weekend full of amazing tandems, beautiful models, determined drivers, and [...]

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