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Las Vegas Motor Speedway – April 15, 2017 – Southwest Drift ProAm Series Round 1 hosted by Vegas Drift was a huge success for Arizona drivers Nick Gross and Austin Kregle. However, Los Angeles driver of the 2008 Mitsubishi RWD Evolution: Raz Naor earned 1st overall with Gross in 2nd and Kregle in 3rd.

Drifting Toyota FRS

Presented by BlackVue Dash Cameras and O’Reilly Auto Parts, the 2017 Formula DRIFT Black Magic Pro Championship season opener took place on a beautiful, sunny, Los Angeles weekend with highs of 75 degrees—unlike last year’s gloomy rainy weather.

Nick Who?? Nick Gross!

Pro-AM Contender

Why should you look out for Nick?  He is an up and coming contender for the Southwest Drift Pro-Am series. After his first event in December 2014, he has caught the fever to drive sideways. This passion has driven Nick to push his talent, and thus, he now competes in the Pro-Am Series.

Drifting: No arms, no problem

By Nicole James

Imagine you were in a horrific accident that caused you to lose both of your arms. What would you do? I would imagine at that point, many enthusiasts would give up on their dreams of driving professionally, let alone driving at all.

For one Polish man, this was not the case. After losing his arms in 2006, Bartek Ostalowski, 26, got back in the driver’s seat to pursue his dreams. He went on to compete in the Polish Championship Rally Raceway Cross and as if this guy isn’t awesome enough, he then decided to take up drifting.

Getting sideways in his R34 Skyline, Ostalowski uses his right foot to work the pedals and his left foot to do the steering. This fancy footwork not only makes him capable, but better then a lot of drivers out there who haven’t suffered what he went through.

Ostalowski’s Skyline is [...]

March 2014 Ride of the Month

Photos and video by Hans Marquez

Written by Nicole James

Have you ever dreamt of actually owning your dream car? What it would be like to walk out and see it sitting there ready for you to jump in and drive? This month, CSJ got the opportunity to interview up and coming drifter, Austin Kregle. He and his car impressed us so much that we decided he just had to be our March Ride of the Month.


When Austin got his license he decided he wanted to take up the sport of drifting. After researching extensively, he decided the 1995 Nissan 240SX was the car for him. After working hard, saving, and looking at Autotrader.com religiously for a year and a half, Kregle found his perfect car.


Suspicious Garage BBQ

By Lark Hensman

Photos by Hans Marquez and RJ Lane

This past Saturday Suspicious Garage hosted another annual BBQ in conjunction with the Elevens’ Paint & Fiber. It’s a gathering that happens towards the end of summer that many in the valley look forward to every year. It allows one to hang out with good friends, food, family, and cars. As the music from the DJ booth fills the parking lot you are able to mingle with a menagerie of people and check out the work that the boys have done over the years. Many of the cars that have been worked on over the past year show up to let everyone get a peek at the great work these two shops provide. This year Efrain from Suspicious added a little twist to the BBQ by setting up a full blown yard sale of car parts in the garage [...]

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