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Good Time to Import a Skyline

By Javier Contreras

It’s 2014, and with a new year in front of us we all have new goals and wants that we have set before us to accomplish. But, to accomplish this year’s future goals lets think back 25 years ago.


The 80’s were a time of milestones. The first Columbia space shuttle, the Chernobyl disaster, end of the Cold War, the fall of the Berlin Wall,  leg warmers were socially acceptable to where in public, hair was bigger than ever, and neon colored clothes just as loud as the 80’s Rock music. The only membership that mattered was the Members Only jackets that came in a rainbow of colors.

Through all of the mile stones and historical moments aforementioned, there would be only one thing that [...]


GoodSpeed Performance Lab

Photos and written by RJ Lane

Joe Morell and Jon Firpach are car enthusiasts that saw a hole in the auto aftermarket and performance game. They started GoodSpeed Performance Lab with the principal of providing the auto enthusiast a knowledgeable and trusted environment to get aftermarket performance work done. The goal was to offer their clients the kind of value and service that most other industries provide. In the performance auto world there are many levels of “shops” from I know this guy that works out of his garage to we need to charge so much that value isn’t even considered any more due to overhead. GoodSpeed does everything in house, except bodywork, to aid in keeping their costs down for the consumer. They also provide information, bordering on a cars 101 class level of education; to the customer before, during, and after the building process to include the customer and [...]

We are having a Subaru & AWD car show. (ALL AWD import cars are welcome)

Date: March 24th, 2012
Time: 10AM to 3PM
Location: 15001 N Hayden Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Map Click Here


*Hourly Raffles from JDMFRESH.COM during the whole event.

10AM – Car show starts
*Open registration for those participating in the show.
*There are 4 categories
**Best of Show
**Best Subaru
**Best Mistusbishi
**Best Home Built Car(meaning that this car has to be completed in the garage and not at a shop at all.)

11AM – Dyno Exhibition Starts
*6 Slots available ($55 per car with a $20 deposit to guarantee spot or sign up day of IF spots are available)
Email joe@goodspeedperformance.com for Dyno reservations
*Food Trucks Burgermania0 arrives

Multiple vendors will be there with give aways as [...]

The Holidays are coming up FAST!  And, if you’re like us, you have probably heard that you are hard to buy for many times in the past from your loved ones.  Cars and performance mods, our hobby and passion, are difficult to get presents for!  Significant others and family members never know what parts or services to purchase.  Car Street Journal has the solution!  Instead of saying that you want socks, or getting another tie, why not tell people what you really want? They will be thrilled to be able to give you something they know you’ll enjoy!!  Our vendors offer Gift Certificates, consultation services, probably even wishlists.  If you have been hinting to your loved ones that you need dyno tuning, parts, install, shirts, accessories, engine builds, suspension… tell them to come to Car Street Journal and check out any one of our reputable shops that will be happy to help them find the [...]

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