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Back to the Future

By Nicole Ellan James

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plain? Nope! It’s a car! The days of the hovercraft are upon us and technology has improved so much that automakers are trying to one-up each other with a concept design for a hover car.


It all began in 2012 with the “People’s Car Project” in China, which called upon customers to contribute design ideas for Volkswagen’s model of the future. The project inspired people to submit 119,000 different, unique, and original ideas. Thus, we have the Volkswagen hover car as a product.  The hovercraft/car uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network. The craft uses distance sensors keep from colliding with other vehicles on the road. This futuristic car is a disc-shaped pod that seats two [...]

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