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After a lot of planning and coordinating Eddies (@Majestik_Unicorn) fully rebuilt Nissan GTR is now done and unveiled at The Sema Show. Every body panel has been replaced with a true molded widebody design by Kreme Developments, Brand new wrap with the help from Colorbomb Arizona, New wheels from Rohana Wheels, Brand new R888s from Toyo. This beautiful beast stole the show this year at the Rohana booth, stopping everyone in their tracks to walk around the car and take photos. This car has one huge transformation.

The Humble Super Car Owner: They do exist!

By Nicole James

We all have that unattainable super car we are all dreaming of owning one day… For a lot of enthusiasts the closest we will get to our super car fantasies is a driving experience or seeing one fly down the road. Yet for a lucky few, the dream of owning a super car is a reality.


A super car is a symbol of success and power. It’s a pretty flashy way to get attention even if the driver isn’t looking for it. While most super car owners enjoy the attention and flashiness of their cars, there is a rare and unique breed of owners who are actually humble and enjoy the car for what it is. I have a friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, [...]

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