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ESE Industries, a group of designers and engineers that love carbon fiber, came to The SEMA Show with the E1 full carbon fiber wheel.

These wheels starting at a mere 11 lbs per wheel are significantly lighter than any light weight metal wheel.  Since the weight has been lifted from the wheel that means improved rotational inertia.  Faster acceleration and better braking with less rotational mass.  Less rotational mass means less horsepower being robbed from the wheels and given back to the driver.  The E1 are rated for a 3850 LB axle car.

High Heels and Horsepower: Let’s talk about Power Wagons

Written by Nicole James

One of the most annoying things that I hear is this: “I don’t want to settle down, have kids or get married because I’d rather keep my racecar.” It’s something we have all heard or said at one point. I know, I’m definitely guilty too. To be honest, it makes sense though. Minivans are just gross and so out of style (as if they were ever in style). SUV’s are cool but they consume a ridiculous amount of gas and we all know gas prices aren’t going down anytime soon, plus parking is a bitch. So what does an enthusiast do when it comes time to be a little more practical? The answer is simple. Get a wagon. Better yet, get a wagon with an insane amount of power. Power wagons, while expensive, are for when gearheads have families.

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