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Last weekend, NAA Arizona held their annual club event adjacent to Luke Air Force Base at Arizona Motorsports Park. The two-day event brought beginners and experienced drivers together for the love of speed and the opportunity to push their cars to the limit.

At approximately 9:30 am this morning, I sat in the passenger seat of my car. My National Auto Sport Association (NASA) instructor was behind the wheel of my precious V6 Mustang (I call her Marilyn). I looked over at him through my helmet and wondered if my car could handle the track at Indie Motorsports Park. Was Marilyn ready? Did all the new stuff truly help with my handling of the car? I took a deep breath before we took off out of the grid and I thought about how I ended up in this situation.


Several months ago I was given the opportunity to ride along with some of the best NASA drivers and instructors for a story I was working on. Just the ride along got me hooked and

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