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GoodSpeed Performance Lab

Photos and written by RJ Lane

Joe Morell and Jon Firpach are car enthusiasts that saw a hole in the auto aftermarket and performance game. They started GoodSpeed Performance Lab with the principal of providing the auto enthusiast a knowledgeable and trusted environment to get aftermarket performance work done. The goal was to offer their clients the kind of value and service that most other industries provide. In the performance auto world there are many levels of “shops” from I know this guy that works out of his garage to we need to charge so much that value isn’t even considered any more due to overhead. GoodSpeed does everything in house, except bodywork, to aid in keeping their costs down for the consumer. They also provide information, bordering on a cars 101 class level of education; to the customer before, during, and after the building process to include the customer and [...]

Former Firebird international Raceway is now Wild Horse Pass Motor Sports Park
By Nicole James
Breaking News!
After nearly 30 years of service to the valley, both Speedworld Dragstrip and Firebird International Raceway closed their gates earlier this year. Speedworld closed due to politics between its owner Dan Matthews and the State. On the other side of the Valley, the seemingly more crushing blow to Arizona car enthusiasts came when, Charlie Allen was unable to renegotiate a lease with the Gila River Indian Community to secure the future of Firebird International Raceway. After 30 years of serving both local and national motorsports enthusiasts, Firebird held its final event on May 30, where the crowd was entertained with monster trucks, funny cars, jet dragsters and even Robosorouse made an appearance.
Running and maintaining a raceway is no easy task. The Gila River Indian Community did not want to completely close [...]

For this CSJ Reporter, the idea of being at Bondurant’s west track, at former Firebird Raceway, at 4am was tough, but turned out to be well worth it. The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Arizona Region, was incredibly welcoming and eager to talk to CSJ. Once I got to the track, I was buckled into Jim Cozzolino’s NSX for 15 minutes of high speed driving around the track.

It was my first time in a NASA-AZ car and I had no idea what to expect. The roar of the car was awaking so early in the morning. Cozzolino took the strata ways at 120 MPH passing other cars left and right slowing down to take the corners. The car seemed to hug every corner with ease while I was being tossed around inside. The 5 point buckle kept me in place for the most part. Different color flags where held in the

This is our conversation with Jerell Duffin about his new shop JDM and Scion XB.

Ride of the Month

February, 2013

By RJ Lane

Photos Joe Lombrana

Dragan Rasuo’s 1994 Toyota Supra has been catching the eyes of gearheads in Arizona for years now, and we figured we should share this beast. The Supra can trace its roots to the Toyota 2000GT and its inline 6-cylinder engine. It was first a sub model of the Celica, but in mid-1986 it became its own model in its now third generation. Dragan’s Mark IV Supra is one of the cleanest examples of this car still on the road today. Car guys always have a few dream cars on the brain, but not Dragan. He was at the drag strip one night about 8 years ago, and saw a Supra make a pass. He could not get over how fast and sleek it was and thought to himself I have got to have one.  Since that night he has [...]

Import Face-Off Phoenix 1-27-13
RJ Lane
Photos by
Joe Lombrana, Jake Hensman, and RJ Lane

On a rainy Sunday morning at Firebird Raceway held Import Face-Off a drifting, drag racing, and car show. To the chagrin of most of the crowd the drag racing got canceled, but the show and drifting carried on in spite of Mother Nature’s efforts to wash the day away. The show was big enough to be broken into two areas with a wide variety of mild to wild imports and even a few domestics came to show off. Many vendors came to help support the AZ auto scene like Dyno-Comp, PAS MAG, Enjoy Racing, Stereo Joe, and JDM Fresh. Lowballers, StoopidLow, and Team JDM Fresh all took home some trophies for their incredible rides. All in all it was a fun day in the rain for everyone that made it out!

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