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Everything you wanted to know about Car Models

By Nicole James

Photos by Melanie Brammier and James Sasser

“Automatically you get the title of easy or promiscuous, it did effect how I felt about continuing in the car scene…” Melanie Brammeier, a Model in the automotive industry said, “But in anything you do you’ll be judged so I decided I might as well continue on with my interests, to the best of my ability, and not worry about any negativity.” This is something almost all car models face. Like all stereotypes, the idea originated somewhere. But just because there is a negative stereotype, doesn’t mean the model should be criticized as well. James Sasser, owner of Sasserfraz pictures, who has been photographing cars and models for nearly eight years, said “Everyone thinks car models are all sleazy or easy. They just aren’t. Most of them are just regular, normal girls.”

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