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Lawnmower Racing with some F1 Drivers

By Nicole James

After a rather uninspiring return to Formula 1 racing and a crash during the British Grand Prix in his Ferrari F14 T, taking out other drivers in the process, Kimi Raikkonen has taken to lawnmowers.

So what does the perpetually bored-seeming but highly skilled F1 driver do to forget the season’s struggles? He jumps on a racing lawnmower and faces off against Martin Brundle, Johnny Herbert, and Anthony Davidson, all current or past F1 drivers, in a surprisingly intense lawnmower race. With no black-flagging in lawnmower racing there is some action between the drivers. The mowers get onto two wheels and bump each other. It’s all good stuff.

Needless to say, when you’ve got Kimi’s brand of Finntuition, lawnmower racing comes naturally.

As you would expect, the former F1 champion is simply a cut above the rest.

Is Ferrari really considering a Formula 1 Exit?

By Nicole Ellan James

Don’t worry, it’s just a rumor, at least for now. Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo stated in a recent interview with Wall Street Journal that he isn’t too happy with Formula 1 these days. During the interview he specifically stated that the elite racing series “isn’t working” and is “declining because the FIA have forgotten that people watch the racing for the excitement. Nobody watches racing for the efficiency, come on.” Montezemolo, may have been specifically referring to this year’s new turbocharged V6 engines, which don’t exactly sound like much of anything. He also complained about new rules that don’t allow for engine development during the season stating: “and we cannot touch the engine.”

“People watch racing to be entertained..” Montezemolo said that Ferrari could possibly even return to La Sarthe by as early as 2020. “No one wants to watch a driver save gas [...]

Honda’s S660 concept. S2000 successor? Or the NSX we have been waiting for?

By Brian Brawley


What’s not to love about the Honda S2000? The little bombshell roadster born from Honda was anything but tame. It featured just over 240hp from its scant two liter mill, still holding one of the highest horsepower to liter ratio in a production car. Having a light 2,750 pound curb weight, X-bone frame construction, minimalist driver focused interior, and a screaming 9,000 RPM redline, it gave NSX levels of performance at a more affordable price to the general population. After 10 glorious years, Honda finally closed doors on production with no replacement in sight. With the NSX already dead, it seemed like Honda had closed the door on sports cars in general.

Back in 1995, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda [...]

Formula Drift Long Beach 2014

Photos and Words By Paco Ibarra

Long Beach marks the beginning of another season for Formula Drift, with over 10 years under their belt and more drivers running higher horsepower vehicles, this season promises to be faster and more exciting than ever before.

One of the biggest changes that was made for this 2014 season is the qualifying format which now requires every driver to run twice as opposed to last year where the top 16 qualifying drivers would only be required to run once. Additionally, the judging criteria was adjusted to allow for less ‘zeroes’ in the event of ‘corrections and straightening’ which now only cause point deductions. One of the most criticized changes this season was the removal of the consolation battle for 3rd place which is now decided by points.

This year also surprised fans because of [...]

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think is “race day is coming…” That’s right, I have an addiction. Its really comes to no surprise that my addiction, the one that haunts my every thought and moment, is racing.

10001479_630203253714098_2035028006_nSeveral months ago I had the opportunity to go for a ride along With Jim Cozzolino in his Acura NSX around the track during a National Auto Spots Association (NASA) event. Needless to say… I was hooked instantly. Shortly after that I found myself with a NASA membership and a track day scheduled. My first race was at Indie Raceway in Wilcox Arizona. Racing at Indie really gave me more confidence in my driving and in my car. It sparked my interest in buying performance parts rather th [...]

Nightmare in the morning

By: Amy Muser


Everyone has had this happen to them. You minding your own business just trying to get to work and bam! Suddenly becoming part of the worst possible situation. This nightmare starts with altercations to the speed. First to 25 MPH then to 15 MPH all of a sudden everything comes to a complete stop. All because someone in the front wanted to stop and smell the freshly paved blacktop. So you sit there, and five minutes rolls by no big deal right. Well then fifteen minutes roll, by then twenty, and by now you have started to slowly roll forward. Making some ground thinking it will be alright I’ll get there with time to spare still. Just trying to make the best of the situation [...]

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