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Lee Shadbolt owns and drives a classic 1967 MG MGB GT Special that he built into a fantastic rally car in his garage. Car Street Journal spotted the unusual classic racecar a few months ago when some staff members took a trip to Tucson, Arizona, while covering the regional rallycross races held there.

This almost 50-year-old ride was whipping around the dirt with ease and performed even better than some of the newer cars that were there that day. It was an impressive sight to see and CSJ just had to learn more about this car and its driver.

“I wanted a car I could race in any event, anytime, and anywhere” said Shadbolt when asked about the reason he decided to build this specific car. Currently the MG is set up to run SCCA Rallycross events and has an extensive mod list.

Mod highlights include the multipoint cage that was built by Richard

Written by Matthew Harris 

Set 30 minutes away from downtown Seattle, at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Snoqualmie Washington sits the former SFLC/Weyerhaeuser lumber mill. The mill was in operation from 1917 till the early 1990’s when technology and other advancements overtook the lumber industry and forced the mill to close its doors. Weyerhauser’s presence at the mill remained until the early 2000’s. During the time between early 1990’s and early 2000’s they allowed the mill to be used for many things including backdrops to a television show called Twin Peaks. Once the television show ended the old mill site remained desolate for many years with the future outcome of the site looking grim. In June 2010 Snoqualmie Mill Venture purchased the site from Weyerhaeuser. Then in October 2010, DirtFish Rally School moved in and opened its doors.

With over 315 acres of land featuring gravel, mud, and tarmac with open and

Written by Matthew Harris 

It appears that the head Hoonigan himself, Ken Block, may have had a lot of say on how the newest version of the Ford Focus RS turned out. Ready to hit the states in 2016, it has definitely already caught our eye. Lets take a look at what we currently know this amazing vehicle has to offer.

To start with this tasty little hatch has a 2.3 turbo four-cylinder engine, which was sourced from the Mustang EcoBoost, with “at least” 320 horsepower and “at least” 320 pound-feet of torque right off the factory floor. Link that to a six speed manual gearbox. Along with rally inspired AWD that has torque vectoring. This means it can send up to 70 percent of the drive torque to the rear axle, and 100 percent of that torque can be diverted to a single wheel. This amazing smart AWD system monitors conditions between front and

Written by Brian Brawley

Toyota, a company renown for being the big, dependable, and family friendly. Buying a Toyota means buying a friendly, safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly teddy bear on four wheels. Their national animal is the fawn, their national flag is beige, and they power their factories with cupcakes and love. Sometime in their history, around the eighties and nineties, though they produced real cars. Cars renown for being solid, bulletproof (leaky headgaskets aside), quirky, and sometimes fast. There was a time when one could purchase a Toyota with an engine that actually made a noise, and produce a zero to sixty time faster than tomorrow. Sometimes they even took cars racing. Racing is a scary notion, the thought of loud engines and non-school zone friendly speeds makes children scream and the elderly cry. Toyota took those things, and decided to kick ass at racing, and not any regular racing, but rally


By Rebecca Nguyen

During a week of overwhelming automotive industry giants,  GRC (Global Rally Cross) is not an event to overlook.  The Supercar title is at stake and these four drivers are looking to take it home : Joni Winman, Ken Block, Scott Speed and Nelson Piquet Jr.  This battle is going to take place Wednesday, Nov. 5th at 8 p.m.

The track is a .627-mile counterclockwise course held at the LINQ that consists of a 38% dirt spill and %62 pavement with a sweeping first courner and plenty of hairpins.  The wide course has many opportunities for passing in this wheel to wheel race. With a small 12 point lead over Ken Block, Wiman still needs to put in some work to win the title.  Nelson Piquet Jr. is only 28 points back, and Scott Speed 29.  Scott Speed was fortunate enough to make it in as the last driver for this [...]

By Javier C

Photos by Sarah Ann of Inuri Photografhy

The Boys and Girls Club and Pat Tillman Foundation held their first North Scottsdale Car Show and Food Truck Rally to support these charities.  Burgers Amore Sammitches & Two Fat Guys Grilled Cheese were the food trucks at the event.  Our affiliate Sarah had the chance to go out and take some photos of the snazzy rides out there.  Check them out!

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