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Editorial Note: This is a guest commentary written by Christopher “Crispy” Wilson

With the sudden but not so shocking announcement that Toyota was dropping the sub brand Scion, I wanted to share my story in regards to how Scion changed and maybe even saved my life.

I don’t have many statistics on why Toyota decided to give Scion the axe but I do have one statistic that matters to me the most: 85 percent.

Eighty-five percent of inmates incarcerated in Arizona prisons are likely to return to prison in the first year of their release. It just so happened that I was incarcerated when Toyota brought Scion to the United States, and its important to note that I was never really into cars growing up. Sure,  I liked them and was a fan of the low rider scene while my friends in high school all had mustangs, so I naturally became a fan of

Last week Toyota dropped an unexpected bombshell on the auto industry. “It’s time to end,” a quote so famously uttered by Top Gear’s former Jeremy Clarkson, now represented the fate of their US derived Scion division.

From their humble beginning in 2003, Scion has been with us under the intent of pumping “youth” into the Toyota lineage. Models like the original cult xB and tC, were cars that gave Scion a unique brand image and despite pulling sales from anything but the intended age demographic did well for the brand.

To be clear, calling Scion dead is really only half correct. While dead in name, Toyota will carry over the FR-S, iA, and iM under Toyota badging. The tC, however, will suffer the real casualty here not making it past the 2016 model year. With official production ending in 2017, Scion owners will see zero change in service procedures, taking their cars to the


By Matthew Harris


You probably whiz by this car brand every day, get stuck behind, next to, or in front of one, or even park next to one, quite simply the brand is everywhere. You have also most likely heard their catchy slogans over the years. “I love what you do for me”, “Drive your Dreams”, You asked for it, you got it”, “The best built cars in the world”.

We are talking about of course, Toyota.  They are currently ranked as the number one car brand according to “2014 Brandz top 100 ranking”, and ranked 26 on overall most valuable global brands. Beating out the second place car brand BMW which ranks 32 on the overall.  Toyota seems to reflect that in their net worth of $236 billion [...]

Honda’s S660 concept. S2000 successor? Or the NSX we have been waiting for?

By Brian Brawley


What’s not to love about the Honda S2000? The little bombshell roadster born from Honda was anything but tame. It featured just over 240hp from its scant two liter mill, still holding one of the highest horsepower to liter ratio in a production car. Having a light 2,750 pound curb weight, X-bone frame construction, minimalist driver focused interior, and a screaming 9,000 RPM redline, it gave NSX levels of performance at a more affordable price to the general population. After 10 glorious years, Honda finally closed doors on production with no replacement in sight. With the NSX already dead, it seemed like Honda had closed the door on sports cars in general.

Back in 1995, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda [...]

A Man with a Vision: Carlos Molina

By Nicole James

Photos Provided by Carlos Molina

As children, we have all at one time wanted to be a race car driver, but how many of us dreamed of making the cars we now drool over as adults? Carlos Molina is the founder of Projekt Cars. Projekt Cars is a marketing company which helps other companies gain exposure for their products. Projekt Cars has a lot of diversity in project vehicles they build which range from BMWs to Jeeps and Tundras, and have built over 100 vehicles for SEMA booths.

370z_SEMA 2013

“As early as pre-school I exhibited an affinity for automobiles and automotive design.” Molina Said. “It was then that I explained to my parents my desire to become a scientist so I could [...]

By Nicole James

With well over 90 cars in attendance, Pizza and Pistons Part 3 was a huge success!  “HIN was nothing compared to this!  This is awesome!  There are way more cars and its free,” one of the spectators said last night at the show.  Cars began rolling in around 6:30PM and kept coming.  At one point the line to get in was out onto the street.  The parking lot was packed and cars began lining up and down the aisles.  The DJ was playing some great music and spectators could be seen dancing around and enjoying themselves in the great atmosphere at Humble Pie.  The restaurant was packed but the service was excellent and the food was delicious.

Several vendors were at the show and raffle tickets were available with winners receiving Free Detailing from D&D Customs, Stickers from Beyond Limitz Design, JDM Fresh air freshener kits, [...]

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