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Out with the old, in with the new! Scottsdale Motorsports Gathering, also known as Scottsdale Cars and Coffee, is moving on to bigger and better things. Saturday, March 4, 2017 was the last show at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona. This marks the end of a fifteen year tradition! Each show featured a make or model and this last one focused on the Ford Shelby. Over twenty Shelbys attended with two authentic Cobras in the mix. Of course other cars like the Ferrari Enzo to the Lamborghini Aventador made an appearance for memorable occasion. And memorable it was, this event ended with a bang!

New to Phoenix? I am. Here is my quest for the best driving experience. 

By Brian Brawley

Phoenix is quite a large place. Bustling with city life, rural life, night life, and everything in between. No really, there is almost something for everyone here. Being quite new to Phoenix, I was a little short for good drives.

Where I come from, there are two stunning mountain routes just out of arms reach of town, and a nice little square for showing off to all the local tweenagers. I was lost coming down here, as nice, twisty, ribbons of wholesome goodness are quite out of the way, and afternoon traffic is quite the buzzkill. So after a quick little relationship with google maps and inquiry from some local insiders I began the quest for nice cruising routes in the large city. There are more to be found, even more to be covered, but sometime the experience alone [...]

Honda’s S660 concept. S2000 successor? Or the NSX we have been waiting for?

By Brian Brawley


What’s not to love about the Honda S2000? The little bombshell roadster born from Honda was anything but tame. It featured just over 240hp from its scant two liter mill, still holding one of the highest horsepower to liter ratio in a production car. Having a light 2,750 pound curb weight, X-bone frame construction, minimalist driver focused interior, and a screaming 9,000 RPM redline, it gave NSX levels of performance at a more affordable price to the general population. After 10 glorious years, Honda finally closed doors on production with no replacement in sight. With the NSX already dead, it seemed like Honda had closed the door on sports cars in general.

Back in 1995, at the Tokyo Motor Show, Honda [...]

Mini is not so mini anymore…

By Nicole James

Across the pond the Brits are showing some contempt with the fact that the Mini is continuing to grow. When the ‘new’ Mini came out at the turn of the century, many Mini enthusiasts thought it was “too German, too big, and not Mini enough.”


When you compare the recently launched third generation Mini to the to the first-gen reborn model back in 2000, you can notice a huge difference on how much bigger the newer model is. It’s not really all that mini anymore.

Naturally, the 2000 model is also much larger than the iconic original mini, but enthusiast can reluctantly tell the designers and engineers did their best to keep its dimensions compact. It’s still smaller than the cars it competes with. It’s quick, handles well, and is like the original [...]

High Heels and Horsepower: Parking struggles

By Nicole James

Photo by Finkstyle Photo


I am currently taking some night classes to work on getting my degree. As a young woman in college, it’s drilled into our heads about how dangerous campus is at night, regardless of the city or area it may be in. I practice such safety rules as always parking under a light, or talking on the phone to my car but being aware of my surroundings, knowing where all the emergency help buttons are in the parking lot, and so on.

A few weeks ago I went to school for one of my night classes. It was about 10 to six, my class started at six. After looking all over the parking lot for an open space near [...]

March 2014 Ride of the Month

Photos and video by Hans Marquez

Written by Nicole James

Have you ever dreamt of actually owning your dream car? What it would be like to walk out and see it sitting there ready for you to jump in and drive? This month, CSJ got the opportunity to interview up and coming drifter, Austin Kregle. He and his car impressed us so much that we decided he just had to be our March Ride of the Month.


When Austin got his license he decided he wanted to take up the sport of drifting. After researching extensively, he decided the 1995 Nissan 240SX was the car for him. After working hard, saving, and looking at Autotrader.com religiously for a year and a half, Kregle found his perfect car.

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