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On January 14, 2016 Subaru Rally Team USA announced that team driver, skate boarder turned Global Rally Cross driver Bucky Lasek, will be making his stage rally debut in a Super Production Class Subaru WRX STI presented by Subaru Parts Online at the 2016 Sno*Drift Rally held in Atlanta, Michigan. The event takes place from January 28 to January 29 and is the opening round for the 2016 Rally America National Championship.

Lasek will compete at the Sno*Drift Rally in lieu of 2011-2015 Rally America Champion and fellow Subaru Rally Team USA driver, David Higgens, who is scheduled to start his 2016 title defense at the second round of the series, The Rally in the 100 Acre Woods in late March. Nobody is quite sure why Higgens will not be racing in the first event of the season however, he will be on hand at the Sno*Drift Rally event as a coach and mentor

What makes a Subaru… different.

By Javier Contreras

Fuji Heavy Industries, better know as Subaru, has always done things a bit different.

1958_Subaru_360(1)For starters… in 1958 they produce the Subaru 360. In JDM land it was called the “Ladybug.” The 360 featured an air-cooled, 2-stroke inline 2-cylinder 365cc engine mounted in the rear. This beast of a motor produced a whopping 16HP. The car itself weighed in at 900lbs and with a 0-60 trap time of 37 seconds. Talk about gas mileage for days!

This was a the daily due to the great compact size, economical gas mileage and affordability. 10,000 units were sold in the US from 1968-1971 with an original price tag of $1,297.

Next up is the Subaru Sambar. This one is a bit more fun. Production started in 1961 and available in [...]


By Matthew Harris

A few weeks ago I wrote an article for Car Street Journal about Rally Racing and Rallycross. Since then questions have been coming in about all sorts of different things. So to expand a little bit on the last article, here are the drivers of the 2014 Global Rallycross series and a little bit of history on each of them. As the sport gets more popular you’re going to want get to know who the veterans and newbies are, so that you can cheer for your favorite drivers. This year’s line-up consists of 20 solid drivers that come from many different backgrounds making for a very interesting and diverse field.

anton marklundAnton Marklund

Marklund Motorsports

#92 VW Polo

Date of Birth: December 9, 1992

Home: Skellefta, Sweden

Bio: Anton started [...]

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