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On Thursday Matt Haugen from Street Standard stopped by the Car Street Journal conference room at Sema.  Matt has been attending Sema for 8 years, and for 7 of those years he has had one of his cars in the Sema show.  Matt got into working on cars with his dad when he was young.  Helping work on Hot Rods and such at home.  Matt’s first Sema he brought his Toyota Tundra.  Years later Matt was thinking about starting his own business and build some bad-ass cars. With the help from Cory Hosford, they came up with Street Standard.  Street Standard is a car performance go to shop.  They can get anything from body kits from Liberty Walk and Rocket Bunny down to Wilwood Brakes.  Matt has 2 personal cars here at Sema this year. Which are a 1 of 1 Liberty Walk Lamborghini and a Rocket Bunny Nissan 350z.

Last week Toyota dropped an unexpected bombshell on the auto industry. “It’s time to end,” a quote so famously uttered by Top Gear’s former Jeremy Clarkson, now represented the fate of their US derived Scion division.

From their humble beginning in 2003, Scion has been with us under the intent of pumping “youth” into the Toyota lineage. Models like the original cult xB and tC, were cars that gave Scion a unique brand image and despite pulling sales from anything but the intended age demographic did well for the brand.

To be clear, calling Scion dead is really only half correct. While dead in name, Toyota will carry over the FR-S, iA, and iM under Toyota badging. The tC, however, will suffer the real casualty here not making it past the 2016 model year. With official production ending in 2017, Scion owners will see zero change in service procedures, taking their cars to the

Written by Brian Brawley

Toyota, a company renown for being the big, dependable, and family friendly. Buying a Toyota means buying a friendly, safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally friendly teddy bear on four wheels. Their national animal is the fawn, their national flag is beige, and they power their factories with cupcakes and love. Sometime in their history, around the eighties and nineties, though they produced real cars. Cars renown for being solid, bulletproof (leaky headgaskets aside), quirky, and sometimes fast. There was a time when one could purchase a Toyota with an engine that actually made a noise, and produce a zero to sixty time faster than tomorrow. Sometimes they even took cars racing. Racing is a scary notion, the thought of loud engines and non-school zone friendly speeds makes children scream and the elderly cry. Toyota took those things, and decided to kick ass at racing, and not any regular racing, but rally

Back to the Future

By Nicole Ellan James

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plain? Nope! It’s a car! The days of the hovercraft are upon us and technology has improved so much that automakers are trying to one-up each other with a concept design for a hover car.


It all began in 2012 with the “People’s Car Project” in China, which called upon customers to contribute design ideas for Volkswagen’s model of the future. The project inspired people to submit 119,000 different, unique, and original ideas. Thus, we have the Volkswagen hover car as a product.  The hovercraft/car uses electromagnetic levitation to float along its own grid above the regular road network. The craft uses distance sensors keep from colliding with other vehicles on the road. This futuristic car is a disc-shaped pod that seats two [...]


By Matthew Harris


You probably whiz by this car brand every day, get stuck behind, next to, or in front of one, or even park next to one, quite simply the brand is everywhere. You have also most likely heard their catchy slogans over the years. “I love what you do for me”, “Drive your Dreams”, You asked for it, you got it”, “The best built cars in the world”.

We are talking about of course, Toyota.  They are currently ranked as the number one car brand according to “2014 Brandz top 100 ranking”, and ranked 26 on overall most valuable global brands. Beating out the second place car brand BMW which ranks 32 on the overall.  Toyota seems to reflect that in their net worth of $236 billion [...]

Import Face OFF- IFO

By Amy Muser and Nicole James

Photos by Hanz Marquez


To kick off the year, Import Face Off came to Phoenix!  It was held at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, formerly Firebird Raceway. Burnt rubber could be smelled all through out the air as the drifting contest was in full swing. Bryan Young took home 1st place in his googlie-eyed Miata. The event had an exceptional turn out with some old faces and new faces in the car scene along with an uprising of many more female enthusiasts either out on the track or presenting in show. Many different car clubs were present.

Show Results are as follows:


2nd Place [...]

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