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It was at that moment, we instantly knew it was show time as the first car left the start line and headed into the first turn of this long drift layout. Our local Arizona drivers meant business claiming the top two positions. Qualifying 1st with 91 points was Austin Kregle in his 1995 Nissan 240sx S14, fresh with a Toyota 2JZ-GTE swap. Kregle worked up until the last minute to ensure his car was properly prepped for Round 1 of competition. With almost zero seat time with the new powerplant, Kregle proved himself a skilled driver as he blazed the track with style and set the bar for the remainder of the competition. For second place qualifier, Nick Gross with his fresh S14 set a strong score of 88 points. After battling engine gremlins in the last rounds of competition in 2016, Nick came back even more determined to earn a shot at [...]


By Matthew Harris


You probably whiz by this car brand every day, get stuck behind, next to, or in front of one, or even park next to one, quite simply the brand is everywhere. You have also most likely heard their catchy slogans over the years. “I love what you do for me”, “Drive your Dreams”, You asked for it, you got it”, “The best built cars in the world”.

We are talking about of course, Toyota.  They are currently ranked as the number one car brand according to “2014 Brandz top 100 ranking”, and ranked 26 on overall most valuable global brands. Beating out the second place car brand BMW which ranks 32 on the overall.  Toyota seems to reflect that in their net worth of $236 billion [...]

Driver to Watch: Greg Schmidt

By Nicole James

Photos from Greg Schmidt


“When I am strapped into the car sitting in the staging lanes I always get butterflies,” Greg Schmidt, age 26, said. “The thoughts going through my head are checklists for the car. Fire suppression system – check, parachute pin pulled – check etc… But then my A.D.D. kicks in and I’ll see a pitbike and think about who is on our four-wheeler and where it’s at. About that time I’m ready to fire off the engine where the solid mounts vibrate 700+ horsepower through the chassis to the aluminum seat where I’m strapped in and the butterflies hit again.”

Schmidt runs a 452 cubic inch big block chevy on VP Race Fuel M5 Methanol also equipped with a 200 shot of spray on a singe kit by Nitrous Outlet. [...]

February 2014 Ride of the Month

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez


This February it is Car Street Journal’s pleasure to introduce Kyrsten Stoliker, and her beautiful Satin White Pearl 2013 Subaru BRZ, as our very first female Ride of the Month!

Women in the automotive world are slowly but surely becoming a more common sight. Many of these women have a passion for cars stemming from early childhood. What ignited this enthusiast’s passion for cars was when she was a young girl her Grandfather would tell her to come help him in the garage and bring him tools while he was under a vehicle doing some work. “Anytime my grandfather was around a vehicle I was always their right next to him getting my hands dirty. I received my first vehicle in high school which was a [...]

A Man with a Vision: Carlos Molina

By Nicole James

Photos Provided by Carlos Molina

As children, we have all at one time wanted to be a race car driver, but how many of us dreamed of making the cars we now drool over as adults? Carlos Molina is the founder of Projekt Cars. Projekt Cars is a marketing company which helps other companies gain exposure for their products. Projekt Cars has a lot of diversity in project vehicles they build which range from BMWs to Jeeps and Tundras, and have built over 100 vehicles for SEMA booths.

370z_SEMA 2013

“As early as pre-school I exhibited an affinity for automobiles and automotive design.” Molina Said. “It was then that I explained to my parents my desire to become a scientist so I could [...]

What was HOT at Hot Import Nights

By Nicole James

Photos by Hans Marquez, Joe Lombrana, Lark Hensman, and Justin Manley

Cars began pulling into the Phoenix Convention Center around 11 Am Saturday morning for HIN – Hot Import Nights. The whole center was buzzing with pre show activities like vendors setting up booths, and drivers polishing up their cars before the public laid eyes on them, and before the cars were judged.

At 5 Pm the public was let into the building were they could look at all the amazing cars. DJ’s were playing music while models walked around posing with different cars and dancing on stage. Dev made an appearance at the show preforming several of her songs.

“This has definitely been one of my favorite HIN’s I’ve been at in a long time.” Said Alex Lopez, owner of Skyprint Media. [...]

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