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The Real Torque Blues: Nissan GT-R, hero or zero?

[dropcap style=”style1″]H[/dropcap]alo cars are a various breed. Cutting edge by design, they represent a manufacturers endeavor whether it’s design language, technological prowess, or flat out speed.  The Nissan GT-R, being an odd mix of all three, became the topic of high debate from track drivers, forum junkies, and Internet fan boys since it first landed on US shores.  Some love it, a car that can never do any wrong, while others scoff its very existence.

What gives the GT-R such a controversial allure?

The R35 seems like an entirely new thing, but GT-R controversy has existed ever since the conception of the R32 GT-R back in 1989.  The original car, dubbed “Godzilla,” the R32 GT-R was virtually untouchable in every series it had raced. This transitioned to the streets as well, becoming a legend in its own right.

On top of being a car with near extraterrestrial capabilities, the GT-R was an easy car to drive, giving drivers nearly all of its potential right out of the box with minimal driving effort. Those who could not afford it could not beat it.

While competing cars became more and more capable, the GT-R bettered itself tenfold with each passing generation. Tapping deeper and deeper into what seemed impossible for any single automobile to achieve.

Rally production cars like the Subaru STI and Mitsubishi Evolution certainly challenged GT-R owners, but only one car remained king of the jungle. These principles still hold true to the GT-R of today, although out grown from its old shoes, our favorite city destroyer takes swings at modern day supercars.

Brooding potential means that the highly tune-able GT-R is just a turbo kit away from Lamborghini Aventador smashing performance. All of this in a bargain package, costing a third of anything else reaching the same performance limits, despite the entry price of a GT-R nearly doubling since its US launch.

Fanboys love the GT-R for its on paper flattery and do no wrong performance; the car transcends perfection in their eyes. Ask anyone under the age of sixteen or anyone digging for brownie points to be that “car guy,” the GT-R is the end all be all of the automobile since the inception of automobiles.

“Haters” will criticize the GT-R’s porky weight, numb driver feel, unimaginative styling, lack of personality, and the endless fanboy forum circle jerks clamoring emotional affection for a two ton hunk of Otaku sheet metal.

What either end cannot deny however, is the cold, raw, engineering and capabilities of the monstrous Datsun. The GT-R is unbelievably fast and capable in the right hands or the wrong hands, end of story.

I believe the GT-R is the automotive equivalent of a cheat code; an easy, no frills, no stress ticket to win any race, anywhere. Like the baseball player who takes steroids or the adolescent who loves to crash entire Call of Duty servers for the notion of a good laugh, nobody likes a cheater except for the people cheating. The only problem is there are no rules.

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