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Top 10 Must for SEMA

Top 10 Must for SEMA

By Karla Real

Photos by Christian Alvarez

All of us that have been to SEMA for the first time have learned the hard way. People will tell you that you will see a lot of cars, products, and that you will walk around for miles, but that is pretty much it. Here is a list of what we recommend to bring to SEMA to make your visit a better first time experience.

  1. Bring comfortable shoes! Bring extra socks! Like you have probably already heard, SEMA is hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center with is over 3.2 million square feet. There is a lot to see.
  2. Bring extra batteries for your phone, computer, and camera’s. If you do not have any extra batteries bring your chargers. There is a lot of outlets arounds the convention center to juice up your battery packs.
  3. Bring a duffle bag, or backpack to carry promotional items that are given out. These items usually consist of shirts, sticker, lanyards, pens, catalogs.
  4. Memory cards are also helpful. You will want to take as many pictures as you can to remember this experience.
  5. There is thousands of people that attend the show which mean traffic jams. Courtesy never hurts, you never know who you might bump into.
  6. Plan where you are to park, and you might want to check out prices around the area since it does tend to get a little pricey. You might want to consider taking a cab or bus to make cost cheaper especially if there is a group of you.
  7. Celebrities are all over there place here. You name it Chip Foose, Brendan Gaughan, Von Hot Rod, Rutledge Wood, even Sung Kang from The Fast and Furious. Make sure you have a note pad and marker to get yourself an autograph.
  8. Check out com and take a look at all of the different booths that are listed and highlight the ones that you want to check out on a map and plan your route for the day. This can help you enjoy everything in the span of your stay. While you are on the website you also want to check the time for the different days of the show.
  9. Download the Sema APP for you phone to help you keep track on everything that is going on at the show. It lets you schedule events, and has in integrated map as well. It is a helpful tool at the palm of your hand.
  10. Most important of all, enjoy the show. It is SEMA!



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