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Video: How Local Motors makes 3D-printed cars

[dropcap style=”style1″]L[/dropcap]ocal Motors is always up to something interesting given that they are a technology company that designs, builds and sells vehicles. While they are known for the Rally Fighter, lately they have been holding our attention with their 3D-printed cars.

The first time I saw one of the printed cars was at SEMA in 2014. Local Motors had brought one of the printers and were printing a car during the show, then drove it down the Las Vegas strip once it was done.

I’ve been able to see parts of the process in person and have had it explained to me by numerous Local Motors engineers. While the explanations were amazing, informative, and helpful, I got the concept but I still had a hard time trying to visualize the whole concept prior to being able to see it in person.

For those – who like myself – need a visual aid sometimes, Local Motors has created a video that follows the process from a digital file to a printed piece of the car you can hold.

Local Motors is looking for feedback, so if you still have questions or just want to comment about the video, drop us a comment below and we will pass it along to Local Motors, or you can comment directly on their video.


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