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Everything you wanted to know about Car Models

Everything you wanted to know about Car Models

By Nicole James

Photos by Melanie Brammier and James Sasser

“Automatically you get the title of easy or promiscuous, it did effect how I felt about continuing in the car scene…” Melanie Brammeier, a Model in the automotive industry said, “But in anything you do you’ll be judged so I decided I might as well continue on with my interests, to the best of my ability, and not worry about any negativity.” This is something almost all car models face. Like all stereotypes, the idea originated somewhere. But just because there is a negative stereotype, doesn’t mean the model should be criticized as well. James Sasser, owner of Sasserfraz pictures, who has been photographing cars and models for nearly eight years, said “Everyone thinks car models are all sleazy or easy. They just aren’t. Most of them are just regular, normal girls.”

IMG_101882582950830For Melanie, modeling was always a ‘dream’ she had, “I honestly never thought it would go anywhere. One day a friend had told me his neighbor was going to school for photography and said we could do some pictures. The photographer was more into high fashion and artistic Photoshop editing which was not really my thing; however, I did get a nice little start to my portfolio.”

As with many females on social networks, girls put their best foot forward with their ‘default picture’ or ‘profile picture.’ One of Melanie’s pictures from her first shoot was her profile picture on Myspace. “My interest in modeling never kept up with my growing interest to learn about cars. Upon buying a 240sx and joining some forums, friend requests on Myspace started pouring in. People kept asking me to take pictures with their cars; it was something to do on my free time so I went with it.”

While Melanie had somewhat of a humble start in the industry, if a girl wants to get into modeling with cars, James suggests finding someone with a nice car or someone in a magazine, get a photographer, and then submit your own photos to magazine. “Work with anyone and everyone. Go to events, be in front of every camera you can.” What else makes a good car model? “Show up on time, be prepared, expect to be in sun all day, and expect the worst of worse. Think climbing on cars, in public view, getting dirty, it’s not a fashion show, open to elements, no order, anything can happen. Have a good personality, handle the crowd, and be in control of shoot.” Being a car model isn’t all about photo shoots though, another part of the deal is attending events. “I love to see what new styles or ideas I can come up with at photo shoots, but I also love events. Walking around and talking to the different people, and taking pictures with people at the shows.”

Modeling with cars isn’t all glitz and glam. “My favorite thing [about modeling with cars] is being around so many types of cars,” Melanie said. From backyard builds to exotics, Melanie was surrounded by so many different people all with different stories behind their builds or choice of car. “I also had the opportunity to learn more about cars from the people I met.” She said.

IMG_101876177640288When it comes to the different types of girls who model in the automotive industry, there are many different looks. Typically, the look of the model depends on the car. “I don’t think it matters the size of the person modeling. It’s all in good taste. A lot is based on the photographer, the style of clothes, and the audience. Not everyone who looks in a car magazine is looking for stick thin woman. Even mainstream models like Kate Upton are being called “fat” on social networks, and she’s a well known model.” Melanie said.

According to James, “any car model can fit with any car. Typically car models need to be short, especially when it comes to imports because it looks more proportionate.” In regards to the life style which transcends into the photos different models take, a lot of them have their own thing going on. “For example, pin-up girls have their own cars. They live the life. Own classic cars and trucks, and dress pin-up every day. Mud-car girls, like the monster trucks and mud races. They are 100% into trucks, and driving their own.  I have noticed with a lot of Import girls, they usually get into the scene through a boyfriend or dad. It’s flashier and in your face with a shocker effect. Then there is the Rockabilly look which is classic cars, rat rods, beat up cars, and wild hair. Melanie says “I personally have always loved a more “fake” look, bleached hair, fake eye lashes, Smokey eyes, a subtle tan. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think it works for my look.”

IMG_101871621833786“Don’t every think that the less you wear the further you’ll go, if anything some mystery is much more appealing. Any negativity from people is just a reflection of their own insecurities. Treat yourself with respect, keep business, business, and don’t let one bad review stop you from trying. One last thing, show some personality! I know a lot of girls go for the “angry or serious” face, but a smile goes a long way!” Melanie said.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter about body type, race, tall or short. There is a category for everyone. James suggests that you “find your ‘thing’ and go with it. Nothing matters anymore. Biggest thing is how much you are willing to work for it. It’s a job. Make right decisions, work your way up, anyone can do it, takes a lot of work. Be true to yourself. Don’t do anything you are not willing to have on internet or mag. Be comfortable.”



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